Technical University of Munich - Institute of Ethics In Artificial Intelligence (IEAI)

The IEAI conducts inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary research that promotes active collaboration between the technical, engineering and social sciences, while also actively courting interaction with a wide group of international stakeholders from academia, industry and civil society. This exhaustive approach enables the IEAI to truly and comprehensively address a growing group of ethical challenges arising at the interface of technology and human values. It also aids in the development of thoroughly operational ethical frameworks in the field of AI.

Role within MELISSA

The role of TUM (IEAI) is to analyze ethical questions concerning the use of AI in the context of health and to apply these findings to the MELISSA project. Following the formulation of ethical premises, that guide the MELISSA project, the IEAI will support all partners by giving input on potential biases arising in the application case, data ethical questions as well as issues pertaining to human-machine interfaces.

Main contacts

Photo of Dr. Alexander Kriebitz

Dr. Alexander Kriebitz
Postdoctoral research and research associate

Photo of Dr. Lameck Amugongo

Dr. Lameck Amugongo
Postdoctoral research and research associate

Photo of Dr. Raphael Max

Dr. Raphael Max
Postdoctoral research and research associate