European Research and Project Office GmbH

Founded in the year 2000, the Eurice - European Research and Project Office GmbH - provides comprehensive support services for the planning, initiation, and implementation of large international collaborative projects. Eurice has been involved in EU-Framework Programmes since FP4 and has been supporting researchers in over 250 EU funded projects to date. Today, Eurice is among Germany‘s largest project management offices, with a dedicated team of 50 staff members with different professional and scientific expertise, such as law, medicine, biology, chemistry, communications, information sciences, or computer sciences. In addition to classical project management, Eurice helps to develop and implement coherent IP strategies and supports consortia through dissemination, networking, training, and capacity building activities.

Role within MELISSA

Project management, communication, dissemination and exploitation: Eurice is part of the management team of MELISSA and supports the team in all aspects of project management, including administrative, legal and financial matters, project monitoring, progress management and decision making. Eurice facilitates the project workflow in general, stimulates interaction between the different project management bodies, and, together with the coordinator, assumes the role of a liaison between the project consortium and the EC. Together with all partners, Eurice will ensure coherent external communication of the project and its results towards relevant target groups.

Main contacts

Photo of Dr Lorena Consolino

Dr Lorena Consolino
Project Manager

Photo of Dr Chiara Lonoce

Dr Chiara Lonoce
Research and Innovation Manager