Debiotech S.A.

Debiotech provides innovation management services and compliant design and development services for medical devices including mechanical, electronical, micro-electro-mechanical and software systems development.

Role within MELISSA

Debiotech, together with the University of Bern initiated the creation of this consortium and is a member of the Management Team. Debiotech will lead work package 2 dedicated to the development of the MELISSA’s mobile and web application. Its team will support the project coordination (work package 1), the CRO activities (work package 3), and the collection of data from the clinical centers. Debiotech will be also involved in the definition of the value proposition, IP strategy and exploitation (work package 5), and in the project communication and dissemination (work package 6).

Main contacts

Photo of Stephan Proennecke, PhD

Stephan Proennecke, PhD
Project Manager & Director of Industrialization

Photo of Joâo Budzinski

Joâo Budzinski
R&D Director

Photo of Marie Burel-Duton

Marie Burel-Duton
Business Development Manager

Photo of Laurent-Dominque Piveteau

Laurent-Dominque Piveteau